Businesses around the world are in constant digital transformation, empowering them to operate and conduct business like never before. Technology is now the foundation upon which new revenue, cost efficiencies, and great customer service are built. But companies must act quickly and align their infrastructures to capitalize on this emerging opportunity. Those who are slow to react are forced to leave their markets such as the photo giant Kodak or lose significant market shares like RIM, Nokia, Barnes & Noble, and others.

RaspberryLab is a dedicated, agile partner that helps to support these transformations – while remaining flexible and innovative in pursuing new business directions.

Operating since 2003 we help businesses dealing with key challenges in IT to achieve a competitive advantage through the constant improvement of their core processes and innovation in solutions. We proudly serve companies in USA, Canada, Europe, and UK helping them to achieve measurable results in efficiency.

 In addition to a strong internal team of business consultants, analysts, architects, and engineers we also have a strong cross vertical expertise.

  Our access to a broad portfolio of technologies, expertise and cutting edge solutions allows us to provide our customers with ongoing innovative options that them to remain relevant, efficient and with a competitive advantage. The goal of RaspberryLab is to create the best possible solution for our clients, but more importantly, we want to build a relationship based on a fundamental understanding of your business strategy and long-term vision. In this way, we can work with you step by step to grow your business now and tomorrow.